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publiée le 2012/10/17
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Travailler â madagascar

Quatre bornes

Description :


a)       Good degree holder with a high caliber I/E Background in Garment production
b)      Aged 35+ yrs
c)       Experience 10 yrs+ in garment production, ideally woven casual shirt (preference for managers who have worked in smart shirts, TAL, Esquel companies)
d)      Preference will be given to an already Factory Manager who has managed a 500 machine factory
e)       Resource Optimization Guy with an overall picture of general KPI’s
f)        Good Communication Skill
g)      Can achieve very high performance with little supervision
h)       Excellent leadership
i)         Strong Managerial & organizational Capabilities
j)         A real Team Builder!
k)      Willingness to work overseas
l)        Fluency in English is a must

Contact :

Aquarelle clothing ltd
Fabrication de chemises

Hansley Kona herkanaidu
Rue Boundary
00230 Quatre bornes

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